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Posted by / 29-Aug-2017 05:36

In addition to highlighting the latest games you’ve enjoyed, it will also include links that will take you to the Games With Gold section.

The update will seek to improve the speed and customization of the Xbox One dashboard.

You can watch Netflix and HBO and whatever other streaming service you can think of, directly from the Xbox One.It's a cable-TV box and a set-top box and a game console, all at once.But, in the case of the Xbox One, with great power comes great sluggishness.In a move toward austerity, the new Xbox One Home dashboard screen is entirely customizable.In its default format, it contains a list of your most recently used stuff, a link to this month's "Games with Gold," and a direct link to whatever you were last playing.

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Or maybe you want a bunch of "Overwatch" content front and center?