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Quick naughty teen chat

She reached for my cock and finding it fully erect she said she was sorry to have kept me waiting, mounted me and fucked me until I came deep inside her. The only thing she did not know of course is that I had been thinking of her daughter and not her as we fucked for almost a half hour! With kisses all around, Mary left on her shopping trip, leaving Ally and me alone, both feeling a little awkward. I might be disappointed in the size of boys cocks my age .

I looked straight into her eyes, smiled and then looked down at my cock as I gave it the last few strokes to urge my cum to blast out. she stared almost in shock as my string of cum was followed by a second huge load.

As I shot my first load onto the lawn I was standing on . I pumped myself until I was dry and Ally suddenly stood up and trotted into the house, her towel wrapped around her waist.

Guessing that she was in a high state of arousal I followed her into the house. “Let me see your titties Ally,” I suggested as my curled fingers continued their slow path up and down my stiff shaft.

Abby, first looking at me and then at her mother said that she had to catch up with school work so she could not go. beginning to more urgently roll and tweak her buds. She apologized and then looking back at me she rubbed her slippery hands together until they were entirely covered. Then keeping some pressure, she began to easily slide up and down my pole. I hesitated to answer for several seconds as she continued to entirely cover my shaft with oil and soon the liquid was dripping down over my balls as well. “Begin to slowly move my COCK all over your tits and especially those stiff little nipples.” Ally aimed my long shaft towards her stiff buds . I had to grit my teeth to keep from cumming as she continued.

I had a number of household maintenance jobs which needed my attention. as compared to the big prize you have in your hands,” she said with a smile . “Tell me what you want me to do,” I asked with a quick wink.

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When I saw Ally look at me again, I stroked my rock hard cock with my right hand. I gave her a sly smile and she blushed and looked away again. I knew that I would not get away with my exhibitionism for much longer and looking at Ally straight in her eyes and with a wink I slid my cock back and standing up announced to both mother and daughter that I was tired and going to bed.