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Melissa rycroft who is she dating

Charlie is brother to (the more desirable) actor Jerry O’Connell, who, of course, made a few appearances throughout the season while Charlie spent it doing body shots and trying to restrain himself from bedding the more promiscuous contestants.

I haven't seen all of them, nor do I care to, but of those I have seen, I think your list is right on the money except that I really enjoyed Ali's season a great deal and would add it to the list of better seasons...

Arguably the franchise’s most self-absorbed Bachelorette, the spastic Ali spent the season in too many yellow outfits, alternately laughing at her own jokes and crying over every perceived slight.

She was also a forgiving soul — perhaps too forgiving of winner Ed, who had “bedroom troubles” during the fantasy suite night and reportedly cheated on her after he proposed in the finale. Memorable Moment: Booted contestant Wes Hayden’s limo interview where he released his inner scumbag and admitted to having a girlfriend back home and going on the show only to publicize his music career.

So long as the cast remains high-end, the show will remain watchable - and fun!

FYI....people take this show FAR to seriously - both those who love it and those who hate it can be extreme!

Predictably, he chose the uber-American spawn of Lorenzo Lamas, whose ditziness charmed only him while leaving audiences annoyed. The contestants were more uninspired than usual, the dates cheesier than usual and the Bachelor was a charmless dweeb who was more interested in getting laid than married.

producers chose an aspiring actor with a drinking problem as the prize.

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And then there’s the aftermath — which is usually more riveting than the seasons themselves — and has so far produced tabloid tell-alls, allegations of cheating and drunkenness, and even one memorable mugshot stemming from a domestic violence dispute.