Freaky cams

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Freaky cams

An officer a CBS4 crew spoke with early Wednesday morning was one of the first to arrive.

He said he heard multiple explosions coming from inside.

That shit ain't gully doggie I'ma catch you, word up (*screaming, phone clicks*) [Cam] Niggas is fucking crazy B, hello [Verse 1: Cam'ron] Uhh, well I'ma tell you straight up homeboy, cause it's a cold world Your wife, I call her old girl, her head makes my toes curl And she awfully thick, help me get off these bricks Coffee kick, but after I bust, I be like "Get the fuck off me bitch" If she front, bruise her in the ribs But you hugged her, you loved her, moved her in the crib Hit by cupid, stupid, why'd you do it? huh She said you gotta get drunk, and I could fuck her better sober You get 20 grams, and think you fucking Erick Sosa Better choke her, she the female Bill Clinton Lie, cheat and smoke, you got her still sittin Then she bouncin in, so you wanna pounce her in She gas you up, "I love you, I swear to God we'll go to counseling" I ain't cherish ya cutie, inherit her booty Have her wantin to kill you like American Beauty, Killa Cause you a motherfucking rest haven I put a gun to her head, paint a picture like Wes Craven Ya chest achin, cause I'm very blunt, ya stunt, wanna cherry pump Extra kid, a extra check every month She givin Jimmy head, Juelz in her guts Dog, you feel in love with a slut, what?

And two hours later, it was still burning so I am pretty sure it’s all gone,” Tom Mc Dougal said.

A maintenance worker for the shop said there was approximately 0,000 worth of product and merchandise in the store.

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She ain't nothin' but backseat, backshots You talking about "Oh I wanna soak ya feet baby I had a long day, I wanna make you feel right" She just got finished soaking my dick in her mouth nigga You put time in this ho, "Oh let me take her out Benihama's Oh let me get some Dolce and Gabbana" Motherfucker, I don't even know ya ho She fucked me off my man deal Fuck is wrong with you nigga?

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