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An unsuccessful rebellion of the Sikels in southern Sicily, led by Ducetius. Ducetius later led a group of Corinthians and Sikels back to Sicily where he established the city of Kale Acte on the northern shore, about midway between Himera and Messina.

Their son, Holy Roman Emperor FREDERICK II, spent his childhood in Sicily. A search on Google ebooks for a history of Frederick II yields several old volumes already scanned and available for download or reading online.

They established the rights of the church, the supremacy of the rule of law, the principle of judgement by peers, etc.

They also reveal the prejudices of the time as they relate to women and Jews.

This brief flirtation with Sicilian Independence and self rule ended with the involvement of Peter III of Aragon whose help had been sought by the revolutionaries.

Seeking the help of Peter of Aragon was a colossal blunder on the part of the Sicilians and resulted in 572 years of Spanish domination.

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(See paragraphs 10, 11, and 12 concerning Jews and search on "widow" and "daughters" for quick references to the rights of women.) In this Abbreviated Chronology of Sicilian History, this is the only entry that lists Sicily as the ruling power.