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Date dot calm dating

In the table below MM represents a mold number (not a month), and Y or YY represents a one or two digit year. All dots around the year code should be counted (a colon counts as two dots), and added to the date of mold manufacture. The front skirt has nothing, and the rear skirt has 5 - 42 : : : .This gives the actual date the insulator was produced. MM is 5, YY is 42, and we have 3 colons (each count as 2 dots), and a dot, or 7 "dots".- Natasha joins Damona & Ray to answer questions like: -Dating expert Damona Hoffman discusses Whether or not dating sites may be fake news Recent breakthroughs in VR dating…and how it’s not looking so hot Insider secrets about Prince Harry’s romance - Plus Textpert questions like -Are your dating apps stalking you? Which dating and relationship terms do you need to know?The infamous Kardashian Kurse strikes again, love bombing, and how we are bringing Donald Trump into the bedroom.

There is a mold number generally under the "MADE IN U. ) At this time, they switched to a standard format generally under the "MADE IN U. In any case, count ALL the dots, and add this to the mold year (see above).

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All Hemingray insulators since 1933 have had mold and date codes on them.

In the Price Guide, these are generally referred to as [Numbers and dots] and [Number]. After the "O" was added a 4 or 8, like O-4 or O-8 The last digit (plus 1930) is the year the insulator mold was made. The first number (MM) is the mold number, and the second number (YY) is the year (plus 1900) when the mold was made. In some transition cases, the number 9 was used to represent 1939 and 0 to represent 1940. A dot was added for each additional year of production after the mold was made.

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This gives the date the insulator was actually produced.

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