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Cruise ship crew dating

Most production cast members share small, windowless crew cabins.

These usually include twin-size bunk beds, desks, a TV, minimal storage, and a modest bathroom featuring a “shoilet”—a shower and a toilet separated only by a curtain.

”) focus almost exclusively on singing (pop, jazz, musical theater).

If you’re auditioning for something like Royal Caribbean’s “Broadway at Sea” lineup you’ll need acting chops, too—these are full-length productions, not musical reviews.

Working on a cruise ship is one of the strangest and most rewarding jobs in entertainment.

Keep in mind that things change frequently; performers get sick, injured, or fired. Production cast contracts usually range from four to seven months, and you’ll be sleeping on the ship every single night for the duration of your contract.

Headliners will do at least two, often one “all-ages” and one “adult” show.

Production cast members may perform as many as 10 shows over a seven-day cruise.

The crew do have their own spaces that are off limits to passengers.

These areas may include a mess hall, gym, bar, convenience store, laundry room, rec center, computer room, and outdoor deck.

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“Many theaters on some of the sea’s best ships rival those of the West End and Broadway when it comes to stages and sound, as well as lighting and set design.” Read more about the caliber of ship shows here.