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The merk land of "Brigend and Gorbaldis" is referred to in several sources.

The village of Brigend was named after the bridge which Bishop William Rae had built in 1345 over the River Clyde; it lasted until the 19th century.

Since the late twentieth century, much of the area has been demolished and redeveloped with a mixture of market and social housing.

Some buildings are being refurbished and restored to a higher standard.

As industrial jobs declined during restructuring, this area became widely known as a dangerous slum associated with drunkenness and crime.

In the late twentieth century, it was subject to efforts at redevelopment, but poorly designed and constructed tower blocks of social housing contributed to further problems.

It may be related to the Latin word garbale (sheaf), found in the Scots term garbal teind (tenth sheaf), a tithe of corn given to a parish rector.

The Trades' House obtained a western section; and the remaining section lying to the east and south was allocated to Hutchesons' Hospital.They are working to engage professional help to digitally scan this object to allow for the manufacture of Gorbals Cross, No 3, to be installed in a new development near to where it originally stood.The name is first documented in the 15th and 16th centuries as 'Gorbaldis', and its etymology is unclear.Many people lived there because their jobs provided worker housing and they could not afford their own.Poor sanitation and poverty contributed to problems.

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In the 19th and 20th centuries, the area was home to large numbers of migrants from the Scottish Highlands, and immigrants from Italy and Ireland, attracted by the industrial jobs.

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